08 – Food


We all have to eat. Software engineers, hardware designers, as well as Santa Clause…or those that dress like him. So, is there anything open-source going on in the world of food production and farming?

Yes. There is a variety of projects and companies. Too many to show them all. But with this window in our calendar we begin to highlight projects that can serve as an easy entry point to the world of open source food production:

Farm hack 

Farm Hack offers a growing library of (open source) farming tools and techniques. Browse their catalog. And start contributing.

Open Bug Farm

Feeding the whole world maybe requires unusual techniques. And this project is unusual in more than one way. It is open source and it is about farming insects. Which is – at least for some parts of the world – definitely something unusual. But I have seen Christmas cookies made with insects already °<:-)() 

Open Source Ecology 

Open Source Ecology is one of the famous open-source-hardware projects in the world with many local groups across the globe. It’s been around for a decade now. Their goal is to create a whole family of open-source-agricultural machines that are needed to build a village – the global village construction set. Watch this famous 4min TED talk about it.

Bon appétit!


Author of this window: Lars Zimmermann 
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