09 – Open Science

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? Shouldn’t publicly funded research also be open to the public ?

? Shouldn’t scientists also publish the raw data of their research instead of just publishing the conclusions made from it, so others can make their own ? 

? Shouldn’t we also publish negative instead of only positive research results so that others don’t make the same mistakes ? 

These are some of the key questions of Open Science. Open science means that research, data results and ideas are open, so other scientists and the public can freely access and use them. So the communication and collaboration process that is science can do its magic.

Of course there are a lot of questions to solve and problems to overcome but step-by-step the field of science is opening its doors towards a more open source approach, be it in the field of research processes or by scientists 3D-printing their own test tube rags. The following links will introduce you to a variety of aspects of the topic:

1. Galaxy Zoo & Zooniverse – Why not procrastinate helping with some research by classifying unseen galaxies? And how about transcribing museum records and mapping some rhinos in your local neighborhood? #citizenscience

2. OpenScience.com a comprehensive guide to Open Access publishing for scientists and academic authors.

3. Open Science Codefest 2014 – Collaborating in physical life on open science software, ideas, research…

And here is a pledge for open science by Micheal Nielson:

Author of this post: Jenni Ottilie Keppler (peer-reviewed by Lars Zimmermann)
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