12 – What about the global ecosystem??


The Climate Summit COP21 in Paris is coming to an end, and it remains the question: Will the measures and goals that our governments agree on, be effective enough to keep the global ecosystem in balance?

The answer we know inside. Even if at times it’s best to just wait it out, if you do have an inspiring and well-thought-through solution, maybe this is a good moment to raise people’s awareness for planet’s status quo enough to move them into action, rather than waiting for „bigger forces“ to decide the game…

Of the many great environment-focused initiatives out there, we picked a few open ideas that shall bring back your smile after any post-COP-depression:

#1 Open Source Seed Initiative – Take that, Monsanto! This initiative is dedicated to establishing a community of seed breeders, farmers and gardeners to act under the following OSSI pledge: You have the freedom to use these OSSI-Pledged seeds in any way you choose. In return, you pledge not to restrict others’ use of these seeds or their derivatives by patents or other means, and to include this pledge with any transfer of these seeds or their derivatives.

#2 Open Source Beehives & Smart Citizen Kit – (usually linked under: http://opensourcebeehives.net but site is under construction) being one of the most successful OSHW-campaigns of the past two years, OSBH lets people take action in keeping and monitoring a bee colony to help address the problem of the widely appearing bee colony collapse disorder. The Smart Citizen Kit is a crowd-based data collection tool to monitor environmental changes.

#3 Open Source Circular Economy Days – a decentralized global hackathon and conference addressing with open source the key issue of our current economic system: its missing circularity, as well as the necessary collaboration and transparency in production cycles and products to minimize waste and the use of natural resources. In 2015, 33 cities from 24 countries on 5 continents participated and some documented their work publicly. The next event will be from June 9–13, 2016, and you are invited to join!



Bonus: And for you at home here’s a wonderful DIY recipe to your own NATURAL BEESWAX CANDLES, which are an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to petroleum-based paraffin candles.

Author of this window: Jenni Ottilie Keppler
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