13 – Mr. Scott, Energize!


The world of Star-Trek is interesting. Can you imagine that any of their tech is proprietary? The Enterprise a closed source space-ship? No. Of course not. „This is highly illogical!“ is what Mr. Spock would most probably say.

And nowadays more and more building blocks for our Open-Source-Energy-Future come alive. We already mentioned Tesla Motors who are pioneers in electro-mobility and battery-technology and who make at least strong statements towards open source. Here are a few other projects:


1. One of my favorite projects/companies is Open Energy Monitor. „A project to develop open-source energy monitoring tools to help us relate to our use of energy, our energy systems and the challenge of sustainable energy.“ If you browse their site you can find exemplary documentation and communication around an open-source-hardware product.

2. The 30$ Wind Turbine has strong ties to the world of DIY. They have the goal to enable poor people to generate and use electricity through open collaboration and simple construction. The project is well documented on Instructables, as well as on SolarFlower.org.

3. Solarose is an open-source-hardware solar concentrator created in France. Have a look:

POC 21

All of these three projects were selected projects at POC 21 – a 5 week camp to accelerate open source sustainability that happened this summer not far from Paris. 12 open hardware grassroots projects were picked and further developed there. Here is a full documentary, where you can meet the people from the camp, learn about their projects and also a bit more about open source:

(Video will go online today, this is promised. It will occur in this channel.)


„Change is the essential process of all existence“ — Mr. Spock


Author of this window: Lars Zimmermann 
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